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This church had a website that was not attracting any new visitors. We not only implemented a fresh, new design, but I wrote all new copywriting for this site. I made sure to empathize with the difficulties of looking for a new church, and made sure the site visitors knew that this church was thinking about them, and ready for their visit. Read the resulting statistics below:


increase in website subscriptions


increase in personal requests to schedule a call with the pastor


increase in church attendance


program attendance


No one contacted us through our old church website. I made it a point to list the direct call to action 5 times throughout the homepage to encourage visitors to click on it, which they sure did!


Covid had just hit, and all churches were closed. I was intentional about using verbiage to highlight the community-focused aspect of the church and present a warm and accepting environment. 


I highlighted the three top characteristics of our church so site visitors could get a good grasp of what our church was like to make them more comfortable to engage in person.


“When Rachel redesigned our website, I was astonished at the results. For the first time, my schedule was being booked full, meeting with new people who were requesting to meet with me through the website. Our church attendance from non-Adventists doubled, our program attendance tripled, and my life was touched as I baptized new people who I met through our new website.”

- Pastor Gabriel Gutierrez

Working Together

As this church was thrown into the chaos of the Covid pandemic and had to close its doors, they wanted the community to know they still wanted to engage them. I wrote a new messaging strategy and copy for the website, redesigned the look and feel, and the results started coming in literally overnight. The biggest benefit that occurred was visitors starting using our "Contact the Pastor" button we added on the website and started scheduling calls which resulted in several new Bible studies, baptisms, and profession of faiths.


Messaging strategy


Website Redesign

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