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Inspire Seventh-day Adventists with the Jewish foundation of Scripture to spark interest in Jewish evangelism.


Even though this was a ministry that educates Adventists about the Jewish roots of Scripture, we wanted to still speak our audience’s language without sounding too “out there.” I did this by showcasing how learning the Hebrew roots of Scripture brings us closer to Jesus and answers our most difficult Bible questions.

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Sasha Bolotnikov

Working Together

“My project for this website was to rebrand The Shalom Learning Center, a unique ministry of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. They wanted to pivot their ministry from being “Messianic- looking” to being more Scripture focused.” This has poised them to be more relatable as they get ready to publish their first book on the Jewish roots of the gospels."


Re-branded entire ministry

New name from Shalom Learning Center to Hebrew Bible Institute



New logo design

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